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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Bio-AI, a highly collaborative Data Science Lab located in Tromsø, we are interested in a range of concepts and ideas. Our findings have been widely published in numerous publications. Learn more about our research and areas of study below.


Our Story

The researchers at Bio-AI are among some of the most published in our particular field of expertise. Read on to explore a wide selection of our team’s most notable and groundbreaking papers and articles.

Meet The Team

Who We Are

The Bio-AI Lab at UiT provides a strong international research environment with PI's, Post Doctors, Researchers and PhD students from all across the globe.

The mission of the Lab is to advance research and teaching of computer science as a discipline. We will contribute as an enabling discipline to UiT’s strategic application areas including health, biology, energy, climate and environment.

The Lab is located in Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science & Technology (Realfagbygget).

Our Collaborators

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