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The researchers in our team regularly have their works published in top scientific journals. You'll find our recent publications mentioned here. 


Abstract:  Mitochondria play a crucial role in cellular metabolism. This paper presents a novel method to visualize mitochondria in living cells without the use of fluorescent markers. We propose a physics-guided deep learning approach for obtaining virtually labeled micrographs of mitochondria from bright-field images. We integrate a microscope’s point spread function in the learning of an adversarial neural network for improving virtual labeling. We show results (average Pearson correlation 0.86) significantly better than what was achieved by state-of-the-art (0.71) for virtual labeling of mitochondria. We also provide new insights into the virtual labeling problem and suggest additional metrics for quality assessment. The results show that our virtual labeling approach is a powerful way of segmenting and tracking individual mitochondria in bright-field images, results previously achievable only for fluorescently labeled mitochondria.

Biomedical Optics Express: Vol. 13, Issue 10, pp. 5495-5516 (2022)

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36. Tool & Video Protocol: Tool on fluorescence microscopy images of fixed cardiomyoblasts.

37. Summer School Course Tutorial: Ayush Somani. Interpretable DL Playground [GitHub]

38. Arctic LLM Workshop Hands-on Tutorial Session [Link]

39. Course Lecture: INF-8605/INF-3605-1 23V Interpretability in Deep Learning. Course recording released at UiT Panopto [
Access] Lecturer: Ayush Somani, Alexander Horsch, Deepak Gupta and Dilip K. Prasad 
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