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A Norwegian AI Lab in the Arctic for Knowledge Discovery in Life Sciences

Through designing novel AI tools in close collaboration with globally prominent research partners, enable scientists to decode knowledge encoded in the data originating from living systems at all scales from cell to organism. 

Our Story

We believe in contribution and impact to the advancement of research in the area of Biological related field using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Science.

🌍✨ Imagine a place where every idea is valued, where the coffee pot is always brewing, and a crossroads of brilliant collaborations lead to groundbreaking discoveries. That's our lab! From Journal Club sessions that felt more like story-telling around a campfire, to lab meetings that were part brainstorm, part comedy hour, we found that laughter and learning go hand in hand.


We work with biological signals and data, irrespective of the source being EEG or microscope. Our interest lies in interpretable and scalable artificial intelligence that can cater to a variety of sensors and scales of manifestation of life.


To develop cutting edge interpretable and scalable artificial intelligence tools, which can provide understanding of living systems using a wide variety of sensors.


To pioneer interpretable and scalable AI approach that explains the data and scales according to data availability. To work with leading research groups across life sciences and biosensors for applying the new tools and contributing knowledge discovery. To nurture a thriving and sustainable activity through training researchers, scientists, and innovators.


We are a team of computer scientists with expertise on artificial intelligence, who collaborate intensively with biologists, microscopists, physicists, clinical doctors, and health scientists. We are open to collaborations from all disciplines as long as we can contribute a new insight through bio-AI.


Our Mission

Through basic and applied research in the field of AI, the Bio-AI Lab contributes to push the methodological and practical limits of AI further with the goal to help discovering new insights in life sciences. We count on strong international partnerships with world leading research groups, an open and inclusive team spirit carried by respect, curiosity and responsibility, the affinity to explore new paths, and a commitment to high-quality education of students and young researchers.

Our Vision

At the Bio-AI Lab, we envision a future where artificial intelligence and life sciences intertwine to unlock new realms of understanding. Through pioneering research, we push methodological boundaries, illuminating unexplored facets of both fields. Our collaborative spirit, fueled by respect, curiosity, and responsibility, fosters global partnerships that transcend borders.
Our vision embraces innovation, leading us to uncharted territories and inspiring new pathways of exploration. As we shape the future, we are committed to nurturing aspiring minds, empowering them to become stewards of progress. Together, we are redefining the possibilities at the intersection of AI and life sciences, creating a legacy of discovery that transforms the world."

We are building Bio-AI ecosystem at the top most university of the world as per Earth's Latitude


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Research Grants:

5 EU,2 RCN and 1 UiT

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