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Public datasets from our team

Many people have contributed towards these datasets including volunteer annotator, data curator, imaging experts, biologists, data scientist, summer interns, master students, etc. We thank all the people who has contributed towards these datasets.


Live-cell datasets

Live cell dataset related to CVPR 2020 paper-

For more details - CVPR 2020 paper . Sekh, A. A., Opstad, I. S., Birgisdottir, A. B., Myrmel, T., Ahluwalia, B. S., Agarwal, K., & Prasad, D. K. (2020). Learning nanoscale motion patterns of vesicles in living cells. In Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (pp. 14014-14023). 

AIIMS dataset

This is OCT dataset is collected at AIIMS, Delhi, India. We have collaborated on LightOCT project along with IIT, Delhi and AIIMS, Delhi, India.

For more details about the dataset.

A.Butola, D. K. Prasad, A. Ahmad, V. Dubey, D. Qaiser, A. Srivastava, P. Senthilkumaran, B. S. Ahluwalia, and D. S. Mehta. "Deep learning architecture LightOCT for diagnostic decision support using optical coherence tomography images of biological samples.", Biomedical Optics Express, 2020. (Source code and pretrained model


Virtual Staining dataset

Coming soon

Live-cell segmentation dataset

Coming soon

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