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Our Mission

To be pioneer in interpretable and scalable AI approach that explains the data and scales according to data availability. To work with leading research groups across life sciences and biosensors for applying the new tools and contributing knowledge discovery. To nurture a thriving and sustainable activity through training researchers, scientists, and innovators.


To develop cutting edge interpretable and scalable artificial intelligence tools, which can provide understanding of living systems using a wide variety of sensors.

We work with biological signals and data, irrespective of the source being EEG or microscope. Our interest lies in interpretable and scalable artificial intelligence that can cater to a variety of sensors and scales of manifestation of life.

We are a team of computer scientists with expertise on artificial intelligence, who collaborate intensively with biologists, microscopists, physicists, clinical doctors, and health scientists. We are open to collaborations from all disciplines as long as we can contribute a new insight through bio-AI.

Experienced Leadership

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