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ICPR-2024 Workshop on Sustainable Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Developments - Balancing Innovation and Environmental Responsibility (SPRCV)

We have experienced an unparalleled wave of technological advancements, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking the forefront in revolutionizing industries and reshaping the fabric of society. This rapid growth has ushered us into an era where machines simulate human intelligence, performing complex tasks and decision-making with remarkable efficiency. While the potential benefits of AI are immense, these technological advancements have encountered issues related to environmental well-being while developing and deploying. The intersection of such techniques and their environmental implications has emerged as a significant focal point in recent times as we wrestle with the challenges associated with climate change and environmental degradation. The energy consumption, carbon footprint, and resource utilization associated with such technologies are significant, raising questions about their long-term impacts on the environment. Therefore, standing at the junction of innovation and environmental well-being, it is crucial to address the concerns raised and outline solutions to nurture AI development in harmony with environmental welfare.

The above discussions are also applicable to the community solving pattern recognition (PR) and computer vision (CV) problems with the help of AI. Therefore, the proposed workshop aims to provide a comprehensive platform for stakeholders to engage in profound discussions and gain practical insights into addressing the intricate relationship between AI-aided PR and CV technologies and sustainability. By exploring the multifaceted dimensions of this relationship, the workshop seeks not only to raise awareness of the environmental implications to the PR and CV community but also to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to contribute to the development and deployment of such technologies in an environmentally responsible manner. Further, it is to be noted that the workshop will include general topics from the PR and CV domains that are designed in an environment-friendly way. In summary, the missions and visions of this workshop are as follows.

Missions and Visions

Understanding the Environmental Impact

Delve into the carbon footprint and energy consumption associated with PR/CV technologies.

Explore the entire life cycle of PR/CV systems, shedding light on their broader environmental implications

Best Practices in Sustainable Development

Introduce advanced techniques for optimizing PR/CV algorithms to minimize resource consumption.

Discuss responsible data collection and management strategies aimed at reducing environmental impact by PR/CV systems

Searching Green Computing in Infrastructure

Examine the latest in energy-efficient hardware and sustainable data center solutions   


Showcase real-world case studies of organizations successfully implementing eco-friendly PR/CV infrastructure

Ethical Considerations in Sustainable PR/CV technologies

Engage in a comprehensive exploration of the ethical implications surrounding PR/CV technologies and their impacts on the environment

Provide insights into existing frameworks for ethical and sustainable development

Community Engagement and Collaboration

Facilitate collaborative initiatives between PR/CV developers, environmental experts, and policymakers

Encourage participants to share their insights, experiences, and best practices through interactive group activities

Sponsors and Partners

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